City Beach Primary School

Project Outline:

Earthcare was approached to build a natural play space for City Beach Primary School. The design was to incorporate elements such as, tyres, logs, stepping stones, cubbies, bridges, boulders, water play and seating areas.

Key Challenges and Outcomes Achieved:

The project had a very tight budget, with careful planning, local sourcing of materials and the construction preformed by Earthcare staff the project finished to budget and on time. All carpentry was carried out by Earthcare’s in house carpenter, along with all rockwork by Earthcare staff.

The timber for the canoes, stilts and walking beams was sourced from other Earthcare projects including a large hollowed log that was used for the 4 canoes.

The project was built over the summer break and was fully completed within 5 weeks. The site was security fenced throughout construction, ensuring for a safe and separate construction site.