Earthcare Recycling

Earthcare Recycling offers builders and developers Western Australia’s only on site waste recovery system.

Earthcare Recyclying allows  for up to 90% of builders waste to be recovered and reused.

Both the public and business want to do the right thing for their children and the environment, with Earthcare Recycling the right thing is also good for business, promoting a positive corporate profile while maintaining a safer workplace.

Over the last few years  large builders and developers have commenced using this unique service. Earthcare Recycling works best when builders are willing to be proactive to reduce waste and recycle wherever possible. Of course this reduces their cost as well.

Rather than use one large bin and assume that the sorting and recycling is happening off site, Earthcare Recycling uses coloured bins for each of the main waste items. With up to 9 – 15  site visits per house it allows improved access and a cleaner site. In order for this to occur Earthcare  provides education and training for supervisors and contractors together with  a complete site clean service with bobcats.

The Earthcare Recycling system has the support of the WA State Government, Master Builder Association and helps in the achievement of  UDIA Enviro Development accreditation.

Earthcare Recycling has their own website, click on the link below