Benefits for Developers

Cost Savings

  • Allows for capture and reuse of valuable fill sand, creating costs savings and associated environmental benefits.
  • Provides for a cleaner development site, reducing costs to Developer’s for the cleaning roads, POS and wetlands. More attractive site for purchasers and safer sites for owners and workers.
  • With landfill costs rising, effective resuse of material will save costs overall to the building industry.


  • Demonstrates a  practical commitment to sustainability.
  • Is compatible with UDIA’s EnviroDevelopment, providing Developers the opportunity to have over 75% of builders waste captured and reused.
  • Builders and Developers can benefit from possible carbon credits savings. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by managing waste generated onsite and using locally sourced recycled products instead of virgin materials.
  • Earthcare Recycling can assist Developers  in using recycled road base from the captured builders waste within their developments, thereby providing a closed loop.
  • Communications
  • Provides a major point of difference to other developments with added marketing benefits.Has industry group support via HIA and MBA.


  • Earthcare Recycling  can help form part of a Developer’s  community development model,  i.e provide opportunities for partners, schools and other community groups to contribute to the process and learn about improved waste management and resource recovery practices.
  • Earthcare Recycling can also work in conjunction with planned commercial (shops and schools) and industrial developments located within a Developer’s  overall development.


Case Study

Wattle Grove - Nature Discovery Playspace

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