Benefits for Builders

Builders benefit from the Earthcare Recycling System in  a range of areas including:

  • Cleaner & safer working sites – A cleaner site means a safer site.
  • More site cleans and visits.  Earthcare Recycling provides up to 15 site visits for a 2 storey house, providing an unparallel service, keeping their sites the most presentable to home owners and safer as well.
  • Complete site clean and bin system – Earthcare Recycling is able to provide a complete site clean and waste removal system providing both bobcat/truck and bins, hence providing one point of call for supervisors.
  • Smaller house sites – Most building sites are small and getting smaller – having smaller bins delivered as they are needed leaves more space onsite than one large bin.
  • Protects the surrounding area – Litter and rubbish from building sites is not entering surrounding bushland areas and/or properties.
  • Improved professional look to the industry and customers – Clients will notice the cleaner site and the professional recycling system
  • Improved delivery of materials – Smaller bins strategically located leads to more room to place delivered materials.
  • Clearly defined call down schedule – Ties in with the progress of construction making it easier to determine when bins need to be changed/emptied.
  • Landfill costs increasing – in early 2010, fees for landfill went up 300% – this will only continue to rise and is forcing builders to consider alternatives.
  • Help recycle and reuse building waste – rather than send to landfill, up to 80% of all building material can be recycled.
  • Coloured bin system – Earthcare Recycling provides individually coloured bins for each major trade for ease of use and understanding.
  • Getting ahead of Government regulation – Currently WOOD, PLASTIC, and METAL are NOT allowed in landfills in Perth. This regulation is not being enforced as strongly as it will in the future.
  • Training offered – Earthcare Recycling provides training service to builders to all suppliers and sub-contractors and also provides training services to the MBA.

Help improve the environment. Recycling helps reduce Climate Change and reduces the need for landfill.


Case Study

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